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Ridiculous Coaching Suggestion #2:

Posted by JoePa on October 5, 2008

OSU’s Mike Riley.  OK, this one actually is pretty ridiculous.  I’m still all for Lane Kiffin.  It’s an open week for the Huskies after an 0-5 start (most recently a 48-14 thrashing from Arizona, where the Wildcats pulled their starters in the 3rd quarter), so I think the thing to do is fire Ty today, then hire Lane Kiffin.  Let some current assistant take over for the rest of the season and have Kiffin only recruit for the next 2 months.  Maybe that’s actually kind of dumb (or against NCAA rules somehow?), since I haven’t heard of other schools ever doing that, but I say give it a try.  This season has already gone to hell.  Ty is needlessly burning redshirts in garbage time.  So why not put this season into the tank officially, but at least get a head start on recruiting and a new coaching staff for the long-term benefit?  I mean, how many kids are going to recruit to UW over the next 2-3 months when it’s fairly obvious Ty is gone?

But here’s my case for Mike Riley (even though he’s only off to a 2-3 start this season).  He’s one of the most under-rated coaches in the country in my opinion.  He’s the coach of the second-tier program in Oregon, and even with all of Nike’s and Phil Knight’s money flowing to the Ducks, the two teams have the same number of wins from the five seasons of 2003-2007.  However, Mike Riley does this with considerably less talent.  He also has a knack for finding good playmakers that other major schools usually overlook (see Rodger, James and Rodgers, Jacquizz).  But just think of what he could do at Washington, without having to take second billing to another in-state school, but he still has experience beating the Ducks.


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