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Willingham’s Scorched Earth

Posted by JoePa on October 7, 2008

This article points out why it was so hard for me to watch Washington’s current state of football after seeing the exact same thing at Notre Dame:


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Ridiculous Coaching Suggestion #2:

Posted by JoePa on October 5, 2008

OSU’s Mike Riley.  OK, this one actually is pretty ridiculous.  I’m still all for Lane Kiffin.  It’s an open week for the Huskies after an 0-5 start (most recently a 48-14 thrashing from Arizona, where the Wildcats pulled their starters in the 3rd quarter), so I think the thing to do is fire Ty today, then hire Lane Kiffin.  Let some current assistant take over for the rest of the season and have Kiffin only recruit for the next 2 months.  Maybe that’s actually kind of dumb (or against NCAA rules somehow?), since I haven’t heard of other schools ever doing that, but I say give it a try.  This season has already gone to hell.  Ty is needlessly burning redshirts in garbage time.  So why not put this season into the tank officially, but at least get a head start on recruiting and a new coaching staff for the long-term benefit?  I mean, how many kids are going to recruit to UW over the next 2-3 months when it’s fairly obvious Ty is gone?

But here’s my case for Mike Riley Read the rest of this entry »

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Jake Locker to play other position(s)

Posted by JoePa on October 2, 2008

I love this quote:

“It is possible,” Willingham said. “I can’t tell you where right now. But he is a tremendous athlete, and the ability to play five, six, seven positions exists.”

These are the 7 positions I want to see Jake Locker play (in no particular order):

  1. Kicker
  2. Center
  3. Nose Tackle
  4. Punter
  5. Fullback
  6. Left Tackle
  7. Free Safety

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0-4 — Locker Injured

Posted by JoePa on October 1, 2008

OK, so it’s been two weeks since I’ve updated anything, but I don’t feel too badly about it, since it’s been 46 weeks since the Huskies have won a game.

This weekend I went to the Stanford game, and the good thing about two teams with bad defenses is that there will be a lot of scoring.  That’s what we had this weekend, but unfortunatly that’s about the only good thing that I can think of right now.

The next three games are going to be huge for the Huskies, with matches against Arizona, Oregon State, and Notre Dame.  Now they have to do it without Jake Locker at quarterback.  That might not be entirely a bad thing, considering Locker has a hard time completing a pass over 20 yards.  What would be truly exciting is if he came back with a broken arm to play another position.

Also, Lane Kiffin finally got fired by the Raiders, so I say the Huskies make a play for him

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