Save Jake Locker

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Lay Off Willingham

Posted by JoePa on September 11, 2008

haha…just kidding.  I would never support that, but it’s the message that Washington President Mark Emmert is sending to the fans.  I hate to admit it, but he does have a good point about the ridiculousness of their schedule this year.  Starting off the season at top-20 Oregon, hosting top-20 BYU, then hosting top-5 Oklahoma just sucks.  There really isn’t a more eloquent way of putting it.  Even Pete Carroll would have a hard time not going 0-3 against that slate with such a young team.

I previously quoted another blog stating that there was a possibility that Ty might be gone in the bye week after Oklahoma.  Now, I’m no Ty apologist, but that’s clearly wrong now that I’ve thought about it a bit more and watched the BYU game.  It was a completely different team that showed up this Saturday as opposed to at Oregon.  As usual, Locker was sweet, but the coaching staff was able to avoid going full retard and changed their defense, and the rest of the team played well too.  Unless Oklahoma seriously embarasses the Huskies, or Ty pulls a Woody Hayes, Ty will be the coach for at least 4 more games, and here is why: (1) The next 3 games are complete unknowns and will truly be indicators for the program: Stanford, Arizona, and Oregon State.  With a couple bye weeks and against teams closer in ability to Washington, how are those going to play out?  (2) Following those three games is a matchup with his ex-employer, Notre Dame.  For all sorts of schadenfreude reasons, this game has to occur.  First of all, the rest of the football fans and self-righteous journalists want to see Ty have a shot at beating the racist ND institution*.  Second of all, all the self-righteous ND fans want to see Ty pummeled into the ground at the hands of Notre Dame so they can prove he is a bad coach.  It’s a win-win situation!  If ND wins, then Ty most likely really is done in Seattle (if he’s smart, he resigns before playing USC the following week) and Husky fans can begin the recruitment of Chip Kelly, who would turn Locker into a Heisman winner.  If Washington wins, Ty might have saved his job, and ND fans can begin the recruitment of Skip Holtz to replace Weis.

*I know sarcasm doesn’t come out well in writing, so I just want the disclaimer that my tongue is planted firmly in cheek right now.  I went to ND for all three of Ty’s seasons there, and in no way do I believe it is a racist school.  I also think a lot of  ND fans (myself included) get too carried away with football, so some have this pentup hate for Ty for whatever reason, so I’m not actually in the second camp either who wants to see him fail.  My simple opinion is that he’s a bad head coach, so the failing is a given, and I don’t want it to be at a school for which I am a fan.


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