Save Jake Locker

Because was already taken

Jake Locker – The 2nd Most Wasted Resource in the World

Posted by JoePa on September 8, 2008

From the Sporting Blog College Football Breakdown (Scroll Down):

W is for Water. The most-wasted resource in the United States is water. The second is Jake Locker, a heroic player with talent shooting from every seam of his being.

Where does the Ty Willingham factor come into the debacled finale of the BYU/Washington game? Not in the final celebration penalty, on which the universe has come to complete agreement. (Complete and total crap, and interventionist officiating at its ticky-tackiest worst.) The Willingham factor comes in the fact that, once it happened, everyone watching knew in their gut that the extra point was blocked, because that’s just what seems to happen to Ty Willingham’s teams in his post-Stanford career: improbable losses in the clutch due to some malaise or neglect at the margins. And in a game of margins, those add up to long-term success or, in Willingham’s case at Washington, failure.


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