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To BYU or not to BYU?

Posted by JoePa on September 1, 2008

Jake Locker vs. Ohio State '07

Jake Locker vs. Ohio State '07

…that is the question for me this weekend.  One thing I know for certain is that I’m taking the train from Portland to Seattle this weekend, but do I actually want to go to the BYU-UW game?

UW has already shown its incredible ineptitude against the pre-season AP #21 team in Oregon, and now it will be going against the pre-season #16 team.  BYU has a much more experienced squad and aspirations of an undefeated party to crash the BCS party.  Luckily for UW, I have to think the Oregon’s defense is much better than BYU’s, so perhaps the Huskies can generate some sort of running game that isn’t based around Jake Locker scrambling.

So my options at this point are to either go to the UW game at noon, or to watch the Notre Dame season opener on TV at 12:30.  I think at this point, I’m leaning towards heading to Montlake to tailgate in the morning, then head to a locale where I can watch both games on TV.  Unless of course, UW has an option as awesome as Eugene’s Moshofsky Center (after the jump).  Perhaps I could watch the kickoff of the Huskies in person, and by the time ND kicks off a 1/2-hour later, BYU should have put the game should be out of reach.

One final note about last weekend’s game: At Oregon (and from what I hear, many college stadiums), you can leave the game at halftime and are granted re-entry.  This concept is entirely foreign to my experience in college.  To appease the part of the crowd that would enjoy leaving the game at halftime to enjoy an adult beverage or four, Oregon’s indoor practice facility, the Moshofsky Center, is immediately next to Autzen Stadium.  The entire south wall becomes a bar where one can purchase his or her favorite domestic beer or microbrew.  On the north wall, there is a scoreboard synchronized with the stadium’s and tons of TVs set up to watch the game if one wanted to stay in there and keep drinking instead of walking 30 seconds back to the stadium.  Now that I think about it, it’s actually pretty great that I didn’t have this option in college, as I probably would not have seen the second half of many games in person.

Moshofsky Center at Halftime.  Besides all the Duck fans, it's a pretty sweet amenity

Moshofsky Center at halftime from my phone. Besides all the Duck fans, it is a pretty nice amenity.


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