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“Signature Tyrone Willingham”

Posted by JoePa on August 31, 2008

So I’m a new fan to the Huskies, and I know very little about the school’s athletics except that my favorite basketball player, Brandon Roy, was a 4-year player there.  The reason I am now a fan is because my brother is beginning school there and I’ve got to support my family.  As a Notre Dame fan and student for the entirety of Ty’s ill-fated ND career, I was crushed that my brother may have to endure some time with Ty also.

Luckily, it appears that at least some (most?) Husky fans don’t buy into Tyrone Willingham either.  Being new to the Husky community, I don’t know what their fan websites are.  I don’t exactly have my pulse on the feelings of the fans.  All I know is that at the game this weekend, while sitting in the UW alumni section, no one joined in with me the half-dozen times I started yelling “Fire Ty!”  But after searching around the interweb for a few minutes, I found that blog, and he does a much better job than I pointing out many of UW’s deficiencies.  But there was this little tidbit at the bottom that had me very interested: (after the jump) 

“For Tyrone Willingham this game was a nightmare because it signals the end of his coaching career at Washington.  It was obvious to all observers that nothing had changed in the off season with this Washington team.  All the same problems are here with the addition of a lot more inexperience.  Things are not getting better, they are getting progressively worse, and everyone knows it is about time to pull the plug. 

Up next is a BYU squad which is probably on par or better than Oregon.  The following week the Huskies take on possibly the best team they will face all season in Oklahoma.

The odds are pretty good that Willingham will submit his resignation during the bye week before the Stanford game.  Washington will be 0-3 at that time and possibly have a scoring differential of about 170-30.  That isn’t a pretty picture. 

Rumor has it that he tried to do that after the WSU loss last year but Todd Turner talked him out of it.  That is probably the biggest reason Todd is no longer AD at Washington.  Count on Scott Woodward to take it without argument this time around.” 

If that is truly the case, than I am happy.  A mid-season resignation/firing would be pretty brutal, but better for the long-term health of the Husky program.  It will allow them more time to find their next coach, and to not leave recruits hanging.  I only hope that they get someone who has the ability to maximize Jake Locker’s & teammates’ talents.  Much like Brady Quinn suffered then prospered when Ty left, I see something similar happening for Locker.  Hopefully the media doesn’t have a field day with the situation and play the race card when this happens.  By now, hopefully people just realize that Ty isn’t a good coach and does not hire the right assistants.  Thanks again to Washington Husky Sports.



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